We have created a line of products to help you bring out the true Cowboy Flavor in your BBQ.

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Santa Maria Heirloom Pinquito Beans and Buckshot BBQ Sauce

Santa Maria Heirloom Pinquito Beans and Buckshot BBQ Sauce Special!!

2 pound bag with our famous Bunkhouse Beans recipe

Santa Maria “Pinquitos”, also known as “little pinks”, are unique to the Central Coast of California and are grown on local farms in the Santa Maria Valley and surrounding area. A popular side dish since the early days of BBQ. Our generous 2 pound bag of these little beauties come with our very own famous recipe for Bunkhouse Beans.

Makes about 20 one cup servings

Buy 1 bag of  beans for $10.00 and get 1 bottle of our Buckshot BBQ Sauce for half off!

$18.50 value for $14.50!

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Soup Beans

Six Bean Mix for Hearty Soup

A favorite for soup lovers. A beautiful mix of color, texture and flavor just waiting for your special touch.

Our 2 pound bag comes with a recipe for a delicious 6 Bean Soup the whole family will love.

Makes about 16 one cup servings.


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Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

By popular demand, we offer our all purpose grilling and roasting spice blend, that is excellent on all meats, chicken, fish and vegetables. Use it as you would in place of any salt and pepper mix from your eggs in the morning to your popcorn at night. It truly brings out the flavor of anything you put it on. In early Santa Maria, California tradition of open pit BBQ, this recipe has been passed down in our family from generation to generation. Made famous from New York to Japan by Cowboy Flavor.

“Put it on anything that doesn’t eat you first”.

16.5 oz.

$10.00 + *refer to shipping chart below before placing order

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Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend - 10.5 pounds

For you serious weekend BBQ warriors, competitors and for restaurant use, this plastic jug holds 10.5 pounds of our world famous Grilling and Roasting Spice to keep you going. A real deal at $75.00.

10.5 pounds

$75.00 + *refer to shipping chart below before placing order

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Buckshot BBQ Sauce

Special Offer - buy two get one free!

Buckshot BBQ Sauce

We are glad to share our Buckshot BBQ Sauce with all of you grill masters out there. It is truly a great American condiment, inspired by our friends in the South.

This is our own family recipe and If you like a deep smoky flavor with a kiss of heat on your BBQ’d meats, you will love our Buckshot BBQ Sauce. It is great on beef, pork, chicken, eggs or on anything you like. 

Try Buckshot BBQ Sauce in your beans to really make the flavor “pop”. Or mix with mayonnaise for a exciting aioli dip for shrimp or as a salad dressing.

It can be used to get that great smokey BBQ flavor on anything you cook, whether indoors or outdoors. Use it on anything instead of catchup.


$8.50 + *refer to shipping chart below before placing order


Buy two get one free!
A $25.50 value for $19.00!

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Buckshot BBQ Sauce

Pacific Sunset
Apricot Garlic Ginger Glaze and Dipping Sauce

This succulent blend of flavors was inspired by the fertile inland valleys of California, abundant with Apricot orchards, home of the Garlic capitol of the world and the warming glow of Ginger. Pairs perfectly with pork loin, ham, chicken and beef. Delicious with fried shrimp or over meatballs too! 

Use as a glaze or dipping sauce, or for a little twist, mix with mayonnaise to create dressings for coleslaw or aioli for your favorite appetizers. Your friends and family will love it!

13 oz.

$8.50 + *refer to shipping chart below before placing order

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Grizzly Spit Rotisserie


Grizzly Spit Rotisserie

Just add food and flame. Portable and motorized Grizzly Spit Rotisserie, for that bistro-roasted taste anytime, anywhere. Rotisseries rotate food over heat for that thoroughly roasted flavor. With this Grizzly Spit Rotisserie, you can feast on rotisserie-cooked food whenever and wherever you get the hankering! It's portable and battery-powered, so it goes where you go, from the boat to the backyard. And it's ideal for roasting your "catch of the day" while you're camping, fishing or hunting. Use over open fire, charcoal bed or barbeque grill.

Includes two 26" vertical support poles, 36" polished steel cross bar, 2 spit forks, gear reduction motor and canvas storage bag.

Replace batteries after 20-30 hours of rotation. Requires two D batteries (not included).

Order Today!

$49.99 + UPS shipping of $15.00 per item
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Little Brave Heart book cover

Little Brave Heart Tells His Story

Illustrated in full-color

Little Brave Heart is a true story about a wild dove who was seriously injured in a mid-air collision leaving him completely helpless in the mud with his head dangling as if his neck was broken. With the hillside full of coyotes, ranch cats, Red Tail Hawks and a corral of horses, he was lucky to be noticed by a horseshoer with a great big mustache who picked him up and took him to his wife for help. He earned his name Little Brave Heart because he could have given up but he didn't, and this brave little dove had the courage to accept help from a human in a frightening situation. Here is the amazing story of his life changing experience and his journey to his own words.

Casebound Hardcover
Gift Quality signed by the author Sue Roya

Special Price $19.99
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Medium Size Box $14.65


  • 1-11, 16.5 oz. Jars Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend
  • 1-3 bottles Buckshot BBQ Sauce or Pacific Sunset
  • 1 10.5 pound Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

Large Size Box $19.90


  • up to 16, 16.5 oz. jars Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend
  • up to 10 bottles of either sauce
  • 6 jars Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend and 5 bottles either sauce
  • 1, 10.5 pound Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend and 2 bottles of either sauce or 2 jars of Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

Grizzly Spit Rotisserie: $15

Please order separately from other items as this item drop ships from a separate warehouse.

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